Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Winter

There has been more snow in my City of London these past few days, than there has since the 70's. We've had two Snow Days off from school in sequence. I have spent (this is an approximate) 7/8 hours shovelling, 2 hours tobogganing, and the rest of the three days staring in awe out the windows. When I see something extraordinary, my first instinct is to try to document it, and share it. So, naturally, I've had my camera on as much as I could without breaking it. Snow photography presents an interesting challenge for me, because to get accurate pictures of the snow, it's best to be out in the snow; which is deadly for most cameras. So, I've done my best shooting through a window, hiding my Rebel in my coat, shooting from the hip, covering my camera with a hat, or whatever is necessary.
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