Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo of the Day: Poker Face

My photo of the day today is of my brother, Trevor, at a poker game a few years ago. Taken with my old Canon Elph Sd 1100, this photo was also in last years South Photo Club exhibit. The highlight of this photo is absolutely the contrast between the movement of the hands shuffling, and the clarity of the chips. The POV, the reflection, and the composition are also helpful elements. Amusingly, the beer mug is actually of a standard size, but the angle at which the photo was taken warped it to look enormous. The title was a play of the term poker face, being that the players face is not shown.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo of the Day: King of the Sea

My photo for today is that of a Lionfish at the Toronto Zoo. I took this about two years ago with my old Canon Elph sd 1100 (a pretty awesome camera for a point&shoot). I love the T.O. Zoo for photography because it's animals are gorgeous and it's facilities for photography are top notch. I love this photo mostly because of the colour system and the obvious direction. This photo was also a part of last year's South photo Club exhibit; one of my 5 pieces, and also the one that got the best response. I am very proud of this photo although I am happy to admit that it was mostly luck that got me this photo. I didn't have the experience then to aim for something like this. Nonetheless, I am proud to take credit for it.
Archipelago Photography:Islands of thought and image, connected with a name.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photo of the Day: Precious

This is my adorable niece Abbigale. This photo was taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T1i. I took this just before March Break while my mom was babysitting. The whole theme of the photo is about juxtaposing the initial idea of beuty and innocence with the idea of pain or injury. If you look closely you can see the edge of a Band-Aid at the top (on her forehead) and the bite mark on her right cheek. So the image becomes that of a beautiful little girl who has been hurt. Once you know this it changes the whole theme of the photo, does it not? It's sad but, don't you worry, she's absolutely fine.I just wanted to try for something a bit out of my bubble. I hope you enjoy.
Archipelago Photography Islands of thought and image, connected with a name.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo of the Day: Pulses

I took this with my old Canon Elph sd 1100. The subject is a cycling/foot tunnel in London. I took it just before sunset so the blues in the sky could contrast with the artificial orange street lights (you can see it best at the far right). The repetition of the rings of light is where I got the title, Pulses. I love the circular theme and the direction in the photo.


The blog is up and running! It's here to be a representation of what i'm doing. Mostly my photography but I'm certainly going to keep you in the loop via music, cool websites and other things that pique my interest. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna try and fool you into thinking I'm some fantastic proffessional photographer. I'm not. I am an amateur by far. I love what I do and plan on going into photography for post-secondary and eventually as a career. If you like my stuff, let me know. I'm perfectly willing and eager to get some experience. My work is available as prints or as a greeting card, you just need to let me know. But enough of that for now,
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