Alex Walker.

I am a photographer. I, like everyone I’m sure, would like to identify as more than just an image maker, but that’s not why you’re here; you’re here for my images. I’ve been studying photography at Ryerson U (in Toronto, Canada) for a semester now, and am trying to learn all I can.This blog has been my digital light-table for a few years now and I've come to really love it. I'm glad that people enjoy Archipelago, but to be wholly honest, I do this for my own mind.

As an image-maker, I’d really like to call myself an artist but I’m not sure I’ve earned that yet.
My photos tend to show my mind visually. So I end up shooting the things that I love and ideas that are prevalent in my mind. Many of my photos will show chaos and order, and the duality of life. Balance and duality are concepts that rule me, and if you look closely it usually shows in my images. As for the genre of photography I work within, I try to stay open to all types. It seems prudent to me to try some of everything before I specify.

As a photographer, I try to impress upon people that I am a student. This means I’m not a professional, nor am I an amateur; I’m working my way between the two. Hopefully this blog is a chronicle of the process.

Archipelago Photography: islands of thought and image, connected with a name