Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Trip to The Market

A large part of being a photographer, and a first rate uncle, is being able to tell when to make a photo, and when not to (in relation to taking care of kids). For example, if something happens to the child, you don't sit around and make a photo. It doesn't matter if that would be the best photo you've ever made, you go help the kid if they're hurt. That's no question. But say the kid is angry, or a little upset, but not injured. If there's a photo opportunity there, take it. Don't sacrifice a photo fro something that may not even help at all. It's not really complex, it's just about good morality. Putting the well-being of the child above your photos. It's really pretty simple.
So that's my lesson of the day, with a series of photos from a trip myself, my mother and my wonderful two neices took to The Covent Garden Market this past weekend. The girls had a great time and I got a few good photos of them and some local architecture as well. Overall, a wonderful day. I'm getting better and better at balancing a camera with a life.
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