Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shoot What You Know

 And a lot of what I know is love for my family, including this little princess here. This is Kendra. If you've been to my blog once before, you've seen her. She's probably the single person I photograph the most (aside from myself). And with a face like that, can you blame me? Whether it be digital (like the third photo) or 35mm film (like the first two) she is the most photogenic creature I've ever met. and I love her terribly.

The Abandoned Kodak Factory

There is in Northwest Toronto an old Kodak factory that has been abandoned about ten years ago. The building has been ravaged by the elements and torn apart by squatters and adventurers leaving it a husk of a factory. Without foreknowledge one might think it had been a school with it's large gymnasium, stage, weight room, and what appears to be classrooms.
As an art student the romance of a giant of film being left to be coated in graffiti was undeniable.A few of us Image Arts students went down to the factory a week ago and shot a combined 5 rolls of film and probably 300 digital photos in a few hours in the factory. The details are a bit sketchy, so I'll leave them out, but if you are an analogue enthusiast, with a penchant for adventure, and/or a love of the rich history of photography, it is a must see.