Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Tools, New Toys

Howdy. Right now, as school gets busier and busier I find myself shooting ever more often, as a break, and as a creative outlet. I've been playing around with a new lens I just acquired. It's a 50 mm prime which means it doesn't zoom, it is fixed at 50mm, f1.8 (which means that the widest it can open is f1.8 which is pretty wide and makes it very handy in low light situations). I've been enjoying the lens very much and the largest reason is because 50mm is very close to the focal length the human eye sees at, everything looks very real. While comparing photos it might not be obvious at first, but photo after photo you start to notice everything looks real.
I've also invested six dollars in a cool shiny diamond paperweight because, hey, why not? That's picture number one. Number two is highlighting the urban splendour of Toronto, number three was from playing volleyball the other night, and the final image is called Zombie Kenny.

Musical Household

This is my little sister Maggie and I performing my favourite song in the world: Home (originally by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes). This was my first time using some new audio equipment and the I'm very proud of the audio quality.
Enjoy. Share. Hug your family.
Archipelago Photography