Friday, January 20, 2012


Another fun mirror photo for you. If you look closely you can see the image in the viewfinder is actually the front of the same camera. The light is coming from a couple light sources, bouncing of the camera front, then a mirror parallel with the camera, then into the camera and off it's mirror, through the viewfinder and into my camera's sensor. Mirrors can be such fun.
Archipelago Photography- inslulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen

Something To Reflect On

A recent photoshoot I did with my nieces and a bathroom mirror came up with a few nice images. Among them are Twin and Mirror Connexion.
Archipelago Photography- islands of thought and image connected with a name

Monday, January 16, 2012

A New System

I am one-hundred percent a PC guy. I'm not a Mac fan, for a couple reasons. One, I don't like iPhoto, and two I love folders. Folders in folders in folders. So sorting my photos becomes a bit of a trick. I have some places where I get about 20 folders deep. And I know what all of them are and why they are all sorted where they all. It makes sorting photos a hard and time-consuming task. But certainly worth it. With the new year, I actually changed systems entirely. I started sorting by year first, and then by event/subject/etc. With this new system comes a new folder I call Aesthetics which is simply photos that I enjoy the look of. Here are two examples of this folder
Archipelago Photography- insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen