Friday, May 17, 2013

How Much Does a Hipster Weigh?

The answer to that question is an instagram.
If you know me in person you know my dislike for this website. It's lazy, tacky, and annoying, legal issues aside. If you want to make your pictures look like cross-processed, or half-melted or expired film you should probably just use film like a lot of us do and screw it up (I haven't shot a roll of unexpired or "normal" film in a long time). Using a set of filters is pretty simply irritating. That being said, I don't mean to offend anyone, and I know from school this year that a lot of talented photographers to have instagram.
Anyway, rant aside, I have decided to explore the concept of square cropping as I feel that adds a certain feel to photos that can be used for purposes other then instagram.
So here are three of my insta-cropped photos.
And just for fun let's mock instagram again: Link (Language warning)


Now that I'm home for the summer I've got more time for creating. One of my main projects I'm going to be working on this summer is maintaining a semi-regular YouTube channel using the musical tendencies of my family and friends.  The first few have been me and my sister Maggie singing:
And the musical talents of my three year old niece Kendra: