Friday, November 2, 2012

The Royal Ontario Museum

I have been exploring the neighbourhood that I now live in for a few months now and I have just recently discovered a great surprise. I live reasonably close to the ROM. I had been to the ROM once in the past and really loved it. All the history and science really interested me, because although I'm not terribly knowledgeable with those subjects, they inspire me and keep my mind interested. Also, because I'm in touch with the 6-year old in my mind, I just love dinosaurs. I mean, who doesn't, really? So the other day, I had a whole Monday to myself, basically no homework, and nothing to do. I walked to the ROM and spent the whole day just wandering the museum by myself. I made some pictures, but making the event about my eyes, not my lens. For those looking for a museum to photograph, choose the ROM for sure. The whole museum is photo-friendly, even flash and video, just not in all exhibits. Here are a few of the images I made that day.
Archipelago Photography