Friday, November 30, 2012


This post is following one of my more prevalent themes of blogging in sharing my school projects. This assignment is a mimic project for my production class wherein we were given two classic still life photographs; one colour and one monochrome, and we were to recreate them from scratch. We worked in groups to assemble the objects but had to shoot and edit individually, and just to make sure we were putting in our fair work in studio, we were marked equally on our final edited print and on our original RAW file.
The photos assigned to me were Still Life with Watermelon, New York, 1947 by Irving Penn (Colour) and The Triumph of the Egg by Paul Outerbridge (Monochrome). The last part of the project was to create our own image with at least one element from each of our mimics. I called my image + and - of Deconstruction.
Archipelago Photography