Thursday, February 23, 2012


The weekend before last my Youth Group, along with a few other Youth Groups, hopped on a coach bus and headed off to Ottawa for an event called Worshiplude (a mix of the winter-festival Winterlude and a Youth-oriented church service). We stayed the whole weekend in Ottawa, billeting at a church and took in all the sights of Winterlude, along with The Museum of Civilization, Byward Market and Ottawa itself, both on the Ontario and Quebec sides. As a photographer it was lots of fun because of the massive amount of material to shoot. one of the best parts was the Museum Of Civilization. When I went in I my camera with two lenses and my tripod. I had some difficulties a while ago at the ROM and some other museums about cameras so I wasn't sure how it would go. Right away some man stopped me and told me that I needed to go get my tripod registered at the front desk. I panicked a little bit, but it turned out that I could shoot whatever I like in the museum with whatever equipment provided I put a little sticker on my tripod and signed that I wasn't going to use any of it for professional use. I was quite impressed with this approach and I feel that it is very reasonable and understanding of an artists need to create. Over the whole weekend I made about 350 images, which for me is actually rather light. Some good images, a few great but nothing revolutionary unfortunately.
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