Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My New 'Hood

So team, this is it. The new Archipelago Photography homebase, in Toronto. I've moved away from home in London to the heart of the big city, to study Photography at Ryerson University. I've found myself a cool little place to act as my home base for the next year at least. It's been an interesting experience being on my own. I've seemed to have more free time than usual but that's probably just because classes haven't really swung into full gear yet. Yesterday I went out and took some pictures of my neighbourhood. The first one is my street but the second is not my address. The third is some weird modern art in front of a huge building the second a construction site of massive proportions. the last one is one (or two) of a series of art pieces in front of a building a few doors down from mine. There are two wolves, a couple foxes, a moose, a stag and a doe. I don't know what they're all about but I kinda like to think it's a kind of Romulus and Remus founding this next chapter of my life. I'm sure I'll have lots more product to share in the coming time. For now, cheers.
Archipelago Photography