Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leggo my Lego!

I just recently completed one of my most interesting photo assignments; I was hired by a client to photograph a Lego city. This city is about 2x2 metres with an unguessable number of pieces, that must have taken the two boys dozens of hours to create. And the coolest part is that it's all original. There are very minimal bits that are designed with instructions, and the entire rest of it is designed by them. So when they called me and told me they wanted me to photograph it before they deconstructed it and rebuilt it, so of course I said yes! After about an hour of photographing with 30 second exposures and some specific colour adjustments I came up with about 30 images of great to moderate quality that I'm pretty happy with. these are a few. For the most part the aim of the photos was for posterity, but I did take a bit of creativity with a few of them (especially the Batman photo up top).
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