Friday, September 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Day For A Wedding

This summer, my second cousin got married. The bride was my Mom's cousins daughter, and yet she's just as close to me as my 1st cousins. Families are strange like that. So, anyway, she got married, and my whole family was invited. It was pretty great. The wedding was at a tiny little church and the reception was at a golf course. A good time, to be sure. The first photo is called With This Ring, the minister showing The Ring to everyone. The rest don't have names, but are good enough to show nonetheless. The second is of my Mom and her cousin in front of the little chapel. The third is the ceremonial throwing of the bouquet to determine who will get married next. See the girl on the left, holding her dress and booking it towards the bouquet? That's my sister. Looks like we may be doing this again sometime soon.
The last one is all three of my sisters (middle and right biological, left in-law) doing the macarena. Even funnier in person.
Archipelago Photography- islands of thought and image, connected with a name.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Miscellaneous

This summer I made a bunch of photos. And by a bunch I mean about 1700. Which when you look at it, isn't all that many. For me at least. Considering I had a 3 day vacation up north, a job with unlimited photo opportunities and attended a wedding, it's pretty reasonable. (If you want to see some wedding photos, have some patience they'll be up right after this.)
These are just a few randoms of the summer. The first and third are from a trip my mother, sister, a few friends and I took to this quaint pioneer village. The first being of a barn hoist, and the third of a sketchy attic. The middle photo is one I made during the greatest of the summer storms. The 'fountain' in the street is actually the manhole cover popping off and the rainwater from below pouring up into the street. Pretty intense actually. If you are wondering about the ambient lighting, it is actually sheet lightning (in reality the sky was pitch black).
Archipelago Photography; insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In a little park near Peterburough are the Warsaw Caves. And as menacing as that sounds, you should see how menacing they look. This is one of the places my family and I stopped at on the way home from our camping trip. These caves are the epitome of claustrophobia. They are small, dank, dark, and cold. As you start descending into the caves bit by bit you start to wonder "Is it just me or is it getting much much colder?" It's not you. In one of the caves, aptly called The Ice Cave, there is ice that doesn't melt well into July. Yeah, winter ice, in July. If you come looking for a big roomy, fun cave exploration, you have missed it. I would only recommend this to the most brave of non-claustrophobes. But if you are looking for a thrill, looking for something to test your steel senses, I would highly recommend this park. The caves are really something to behold. But one warning, do not bring your camera in. Even if it's one of those water-proof, shockproof, invincible cameras, don't bring it. If you drop it, it'll be gone. If you want to have anything even vaguely exposed you'll need flash, and that would blind you and everyone else in the cave. It's just not worth it. (Notice my photos are from the outside?)
Archipelago Photography: islands of thought and image, connected with a name.