Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skyway Fades

On this blog there is no shortage of posts related to music. It's because music is a large part of my life. It's something I am very passionate about. As is my brother. Most of my music related posts have had to do with one iteration of his band. The latest iteration, named Skyway Fades, is him (Trevor), his bassist (Matt), the singer (Josh) and the guitarist (Jose). The last shoot we did was especially challenging. It was dark and fast-moving (like all band shoots) but especially so. And also it was a very small space. So I couldn't just dial up my ISO and Shutter Speed. It wouldn't be enough. Next option is flash. I just got myself a new flash this summer which is excellent to be honest. I love it. So, I gave it a go. And it was awful. They were too shiny (due to the gleam of the instruments and the posters in the background). Not to mention that I was sending high powered flashes into the eyes of musicians as they play. Not the best idea. So I played around with bouncing my flash; a technique I learned about at a Henry's photo conference a few years ago. And man, did it work. The flash was being bounced off a white ceiling and it worked rather well for creating natural looking light. So, when your flash is giving you trouble, just bounce it around.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From Komoko to KeeMoKee

The weekend before last my Youth Group and a few others went camping at KeeMoKee. A lovely little camp. And one of the best parts for me was that I was partly in charge and I got to spend as much time as I wanted just taking pictures and running events. It was great. One of the events I got to run was a photo scavenger hunt. I found items around the camp that the kids would have to find and take a picture of. Then I gave them a clever hint to figure out what it actually was. It was a big hit at camp.
The first photo is a group shot, made possible by my tripod and a 10 second timer.
The second is a photo of our cabin, lit wonderfully, by mid morning sunlight through a very green tree-cover for this time of year.
The last one is a photo of three guys playing one of the kids favourite games, Zap.
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