Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preggo Pepper

Imagine my surprise the other morning when I go to make lunch (Ham and Red Pepper sandwiches) and I cut into my beautiful red pepper only to find that there is a baby pepper inside! I was in a moral conundrum! I had just eaten a pregnant pepper! I know I shouldn't care because it's a vegetable and lacking sentience, but it's still a little strange.
(FYI I didn't eat the baby, I kept it)
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well, Duh!

I've had Photoshop Elements for a while. And when I got it, I uninstalled the mediocre free photo-editing software I had, and switched to using photoshop. Obviously. But for some strange reason, I kept using free software for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and panorama stitching. A short while ago, I looked for comparable software within photoshop. And today I found it. Being attached to completely legit Adobe Photoshop, they are so much better quality than the free software is. Not that it isn't good for beginners. It really is quite helpful when your hobby is on a budget. But as I am looking at making a career of this, it's nice to see that Photoshop can be helpful.
The first photo I made today in photoshop and it is an HDR photo made of 3 exposures last winter.
The second is a panorama that i would not have been able to accomplish without photoshop's cloning and healing brushes. when you get the hang of them, they are invaluable!
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