Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've recently found a new interest. I've always had a pretty good knowledge of my family stories and ancestry, but it wasn't until a recent trip to the family cemetery (where we've got spots for my generation and the one after to be buried) to clean up my grandfathers grave marker, that I realized how very different it is to hear about one's history as to see it. These grave markers are those of a few of my ancestors, the first of Capt. Baker who was the lighthouse keeper of Clapperton Island who mysteriously drowned while on duty. The second is John Alexander McLachlan, my namesake. It's interesting to think that without these two men, I wouldn't be here, the second especially as without him I wouldn't have my very name. I find it is very interesting to see the visual memory of these people and to think ahead of what my physical memory will be.Will it read "Father" like my namesake, or something dramatic like "Drowned..."? Only time will tell.
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Canada Day Fireworks in Grand Bend.
-Long exposures
-A tripod, of course
-A telephoto lens
-A little colour tweaking in photoshop
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Heat

I know, I know, Archipelago has been slacking a bit in it's blogging department, but it's summer and I'm busy. I'm either up to my neck in kids babysitting, or spending time at the cottage (devoid of Internet). But with these three, I hope you can understand why. The photographs are New Eyes, Sunpoint, and Lanterns. The first and second are pretty self explanatory (although why there are two suns in my sister Maggie's glasses I do not know) but the third might take a bit of looking. SO here's the scene; it's Canada Day, we're on the beach watching the fireworks from afar, waiting patiently for them to end so we can send of one of those super-cool paper-lanterns, when lo and behold, two of our neighbours jump the gun. So the center is the fireworks, and the orange lines on either side are the lanterns lifting off and heading heaven-bound. The reason why the fireworks are so bright and piled on top of each other, just as the reason why we can see the path of the lanterns for quite some time is due to my 30 second exposure-a greatly helpful tool for firework photography. For firework pictures to come, soon hopefully.
Archipelago Photography, islands of thought and image, connected with a name