Friday, April 30, 2010

A Study of Strobe Photography...with Pokemon

My latest stroke of genius left me with this set of photos. I took a few old toys, a common desk lamp, a black binder, and my Rebel T1i, and made some pretty cool photos. So, in the photo to the right, there is only one Charmander. Only one. I'll tell you the process and it will make more sense. I turned off all the lights, set my camera to a very low F-stop, and a very long shutter speed. Then I set up the toy, and opened the shutter. While it was open I flashed the light on for a few seconds, turned it off, and moved the toy. Then I flashed the light again. So the camera recorded the light from the Charmander in multiple positions but not in between those positions (which would create blur). I also played around with using the lamp to create multiple 'strobes' from different directions. With this I was able to give the subject selective lighting or absolute lighting. There is more to come, believe me.

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