Thursday, October 21, 2010

HDR and Such

HDR or High Dynamic Range, photography is a process
which uses 3 images, taken in the same exact position with three different, even exposures, then composed together. The point is to be avle to show the drastic lowlights and highlights of an image, instead of losing them. Here's an example: There is a beautiful painting, beside a stained glass window (on the inside of the building). You want to create a photograph which preserves the beauty of both. If you expose it to capture the window, the painting will be black. If you expose for the painting, the window will be blinding white. So, you create and HDR image which takes those two photos, and one in the middle, and creates a hybrid image that captures just what you wanted to see. These two images are two of my first attempts at HDR imaging (with free internet software mind you).

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  1. Good post Alex, and excellent explanation. Good pictures as well, though they're a little fuzzy - perhaps you took it handheld? It's nice to see someone do HDR right (making it look true to life) and not like some of the monstrosities on Flickr where the colours look like they were on an acid trip...