Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From Komoko to KeeMoKee

The weekend before last my Youth Group and a few others went camping at KeeMoKee. A lovely little camp. And one of the best parts for me was that I was partly in charge and I got to spend as much time as I wanted just taking pictures and running events. It was great. One of the events I got to run was a photo scavenger hunt. I found items around the camp that the kids would have to find and take a picture of. Then I gave them a clever hint to figure out what it actually was. It was a big hit at camp.
The first photo is a group shot, made possible by my tripod and a 10 second timer.
The second is a photo of our cabin, lit wonderfully, by mid morning sunlight through a very green tree-cover for this time of year.
The last one is a photo of three guys playing one of the kids favourite games, Zap.
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  1. my favoritist camp in the world.... :) i miss it there!