Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Marbles are a fascinating subject. They work very well to both reflect the objects/colours around them and refract the light sources they are being lit with. One can light a whole cup of marbles with just a few light sources. They are a very even balance of smooth clear glass, and also tiny, unique imperfections and chips. At first glance they all look the exact same, but upon close inspection, the tiny bubbles in the glass, bends, misshapes, and nicks out of the surface make every marble unique. So they other day, upon realizing the ridiculous number of marbles my house in infested with, I thought they might make some good practice for some still life studio practice.
-Canon Rebel T1i
-35-80mm Lens
-Manfrotto Tripod
-One clear wine glass
-One clear glass dish-type thing (Candy-dish maybe?)
-Probably 3/4 dozen marbles (half clear, half "Cat-eye", one blue)
-Two desk lamps
-Some backgrounds for colour and a counter top for the marble-y space like refractions.
Set up and shoot for as long as you want, try every option you can think of. If you can, shoot in RAW and play with the photos to your hearts content later.
Archipelago Photography- insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen

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