Friday, October 5, 2012

Grow Green

There is a wonderful greenhouse nearby my school, called the Allen Gardens Conservatory, that I visited the other day with a friend. We decided to take upon us a challenge; to shoot macro-esque photography with plant-life using incredibly wide angle lenses. (I'll post next about what else we did with these lenses beyond this.) What this means is that we took a lot of the natural lines and warped them with nearly- fisheye lenses. We ended up actually bumping our lenses into the plants themselves sometimes! These plants are probably only 5-10 cm away from the end of the lens. Anyhow, it was lots of fun, I'd recommend giving it a try. Take a lens that is made for one thing and photograph something totally different with it. Why not?
Archipelago Photography- islands of thought and image, connected with a name

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