Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Being at school for photography has many perks. The premier being that I'm learning a whole ton of cool stuff about photography. But there are others. The next coolest might be meeting people. Since day 1 I've been meeting people who are a)interested in photography in the way that I am, and b)super talented in their own unique styles and niches. I've been hanging out a lot with a couple guys who couldn't be farther away in styles. My buddy Bobby (Link to his work) shoots very colourful, visually appealing images on the cutting edge of digital technology. Very cool stuff, believe me. But my other buddy Dylan MacArthur (Link here, duh) shoots nearly entirely B&W film, and most of it is street level, emotional, truthful stuff. I saw Dylan in action today and this guy is like a ninja. His skills with street photography are something that I am both very envious of, and looking to emulate.
I was thinking the other day, on one of my many 'wander Toronto, shooting and thinking' trips that if I want to move into Photojournalism when this is all said and done, that Street Photography is the thing I seriously need to work on; like a lot. So be prepared, I'll be posting some (crappy) street photos when they come in the next couple posts.
But if there's one thing I've learned recently it's that if you really want to take this seriously, carry your camera everywhere, and keep your eyes open; always.
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