Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Genesis is the very beginning of something; the starting force. He is mine.
This is my grandfather, some 68 years ago. And he's why I'm where I am. There is no moving around that. I simply wouldn't be in this city, at this school, with a camera in my hand, trying to find the right images, without what he has done for me.
His name was Charles Robert Turnbull, but he went by Bob (or Gee to the family). He passed away a few years ago but he won't ever be absent to me. I've been holding on with all my will to his memory; his life. There are a lot of very important and prestigious things he did in his life, but to me he'll always be the man who gave me my first (second, third, and fourth) camera(s). He taught me all he could and I don't think I'll ever know how deeply he shaped my life. The world legacy comes to mind when I think of him. I'd like to be his legacy, with my actions and images and deeds.
A few years ago I made this little video if you want to know any more.

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  1. He would (I actually believe, that where ever his spirit is...."does" ) be so proud of you. He taught photojournalism for years at Western. You do your whole family proud....can't wait to see what path this leads you to.