Saturday, March 2, 2013

Night Life

Sometimes all you need is a quite night of inspiration. The night is where I find most of my ideas.
First is a photo of an alley by my house, where it looks like spring will never see.
The second is much more interesting. This is the longest (digital) exposure I've ever made: 1051 seconds (17.5 minutes). It's a self portrait of me reading comics on my phone with all the lights off. Took an exposure or two to figure it out entirely. The aperture was closed as could be (F22) ISO bottomed out (ISO100) and the time I just guessed for metering. I think I'll call it Cyberpathy. As for the how, it was pretty simple with the right equipment: a tripod, and an old school cable release with a lock. I locked it shut (holding the shutter down) and had the exposure time on BULB, and set a timer on my phone. A very little tweaking in post and ta-da!
Archipelago Photography

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