Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Vs. B

This summer my good friend Bobby and I were finding ourselves a little bored. Both being in Ryerson's photography program we had been working on assignments all year long and found ourselves without much inspiration. So the idea came about to have a competition. It was to be friendly of course, and without winners, just two photographers taking a different word each week and making an image. Then we posted the image and saw what people thought. The themes so far have been: Cage, Nature, Break, B&W, Grief, and Canada. These three are Can't Cage the Beast, Stages of Grief, and Natural Beauty covering the themes of Cage, Grief, and natural, respectively. The easiest format for this is Tumblr (which I put aside my personal distaste for) and that is where our competition is hosted. It can be found by following the tab underneath the title of this blog called A Vs. B. We'll posting every week (ish) for the foreseeable future so feel free to check back.

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