Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo of the Day: Tongue of Fire

So, I love fire. But how can you blame me? I've been making campfires since I was a kid. This specific bonfire was on my birthday last year. We started with just wood and underbrush then when we ran out, we went walking around the neighbourhood collecting wooden garbage (it was garbage day the next day). We burned a couple chairs, and a few doors. This photo is of a structure we created out of some spare wood and a few nails just for the purpose of having something fun to burn. The centre of the photo shows the fire that went through the hole in the centre of the structure and followed it all the way to open air. If you follow the structure down and left you can see the outline of the fire pit. It makes a nice photo, but a better story.
Archipelago Photography: Islands of thought and image, connected with a name.

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