Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 0: Freedom

OK, I'm done. Creativity Bootcamp was fun for a while. But it's getting ridiculous. If you are enjoying it, please don't let me affect you, but I personally am done. Ironically, it's stifling my creativity. It opened me up to a few new things and I'd like to explore them a little further. For example, I've been doing more work with sinking flowers. I made both these photos the other night and I'm relatively happy with them. The only problem I'm running into is the focus. It's hard to focus through glass and a few inches of water. Even manually I'm having difficulty. Regardless, this post was just to let all of you know that I am done. I did the first week, and thus far the second week has been fruitless. So I'm finished. For now.

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