Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Paradox

One of the reasons I love photo-graphing cameras, aside from he the fact that they are beautiful, is because my favourite paradox is captured there. Here it is: I (could be) am taking a photo of a camera taking a photo of me taking a photo of....etc. Now I'm not really taking a photo of it taking a photo because it is far too old to be worth using. The quality aside, the film for this camera would cost me far far too much, even for the experience of saying I've shot a roll of film on a Brownie. My favourite part of this camera, is the underside of the lens, where you must manually set the focus for "16 to 35 Feet" or "Beyond 35 Feet". I just love how vague that is. Two options for the focal length. That's all. Simply intriguing. That brings me to my final point on these old cameras. The things you can learn from them is limitless. Practical, useful knowledge about modern photography, trapped inside these old cameras, if you just know how to find it. It's invaluable to a photographer to know their roots.

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