Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Appreciation For The Old

Sometimes you can't see the value of a photo until you see it again. A photograph with second-view merit can be very special. It can mean that when you first saw it, you were too accustomed to the details and scene, and it wasn't until you could see it anew could you appreciate it. These three are photos from my summer canoe trip on the Grand River with my dad. I just looked back through the album and started to realize that there are photos that I actually enjoy in there. One of my favourite bonuses; these are all straight-out-of-the-camera. No photoshop. These photos are titled Marshland Dock, Overgrown Shrubbery, and Nature Wants This Back in that order.

Archipelago Photography: insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen.

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