Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo Workshop

If you are a photographer in London, you should really look into the London Camera Club. Yes, I am the only one there below 40, but, it is a fantastic way to learn new tricks and techniques. When I went to the meeting the other night (we meet thursday nights from 7:30-9:30) I was shown some fantastic new tricks for photography. The coolest being Black Light Photography. What you do, is you get a black (uv) light and shine it on a subject that has been painted with phosforescent paints. it works really well when you put the paint on the back of glass figures, as shown above, because the light reflects through the subject, giving you a different image at every little angle. I cannot wait to try this for myself. Look for that coming up soon, whenever I get the free time. The second image is another one I made at LCC, but this one was just a quick macro work shop.
Archipelago Photography: insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen.

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