Thursday, May 10, 2012


I get quite frustrated when I find myself in the mood to create, find a little bit of time to spare, get out my camera, and nothing good comes of it. It's creativity-crushing, annoying, and can really get you down. The other day, I had a day that wasn't like this. Likewise, I got home from choir one Thursday night, got out my camera, noticed a few candles on my front porch that I don't think I've ever seen lit. I lit them, set up my tripod and shot for about an hour. After a time of shooting and an equally hope-inspiring time of editing, I found myself with about a half-dozen solid images. Images that were emotionally connecting, with good colour and value range. And on top of that, they had meaning. Fire, and candles are something very special to people, and they carry a lot of emotional attachment. What a photograph of a candle means to one person could be entirely different than what it means to another. That is one of the goals I work towards in ideological shooting. To find images and ideas that are relatable and flexible.
As a side note, I included a set of these photos in a craft show I did just this week, and they were the first that sold. Perhaps I'm on to something.
Archipelago Photography- insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen

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