Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hey guys. So, I'm still busy with shooting and school. But I'd like to get back to some posting so here are some new images since 2013 began. First is at YYZ at about 4am with my mom, sister and friend walking back to the car. If this turned out well, I'm fine to admit it wasn't consciously on purpose, I was pretty much asleep at the time.
The second image is in a bus stop in London. The circle is seeing through the glass, and everything else is reflected behind. It's kind of artsy and I like it.
The final image I made while waiting (nearly an hour!) for my friends to join me skating at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall). I had a lot of fun with the cool lighting and the intense difference in tonality of the bright ice and the dark skyline. Took some fancy exposure work, but I'm rather happy with it.
Aside from basic RAW processing all images are un-edited, which is always a plus for me.

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