Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Bootcamp Day 3: Multilayered

Creative Bootcamp Day 3
I saw the subject and thought to myself: "Wtf? This is gonna be difficult" and for a while it was. Till inspiration struck! OK, it didn't strike exactly. I wandered around trying to find something that fit. And no luck. What, oh what could they mean by 'multi-layered'? Sure, I know things that are multi-layered. Lots of them. Any that I can photograph? Not really. So, much later than I was supposed to do it, I found one. I was sitting in class, and I remembered we had a tree that was cut down outside of the school, so I 'went to get a drink' and made a photo or two of the tree stump. This is the best of them. The point I was going for was to compare the smooth circles of the tree's rings with the sharp angular cuts made to it. Kind of a 'Nature and man, and their tactics.'

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