Friday, June 11, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 6: Fluid

Creative Bootcamp Day 6
The word of the day is fluid! There's a tactic that I was shown a while ago at the fall 'Henry's Photography, Video, and Digital Imaging Show'. It was a macro style that involves immersing a flower in a glass container of water. It creates a cool effect. A very cool, very 'Fluid' effect. These are the results. I realized that warmer, artificial light actually worked much better than actual sunlight. I submersed the flower in a fishbowl that had flat sides to avoid warping and then left it for a few hours so that a few oxygen bubbles could build up on the flower itself.With a lime green background to match, the experiment actually turned out better than expected. You can be sure to see some more fishtank photography. Did someone say "Fishtank Strobe Photography?'

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