Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creative Bootcamp Day 5: Grow

Creative Bootcamp Day 5
So the word for today was grow, but I also wanted to pay homage to the journal part of this assignment. We were prompted to reflect on the music of our youth (the music of now, for me.)
and I came up with a few songs that I felt fit:
As for the word prompt, Grow, I had a few different tactics, and found that the generality of the word had very positive and negative effects. It gave me lots of ideas, and opportunties, but made it harder to decide what to actually do for it.
So after a lot of wasting time I went with a stump, a fake flower and some strobe photography. I took the photo with only the stump, with the flower and the stump, and one with the flower there for only half of the exposure.

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