Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creative Bootcamp Day 4: Heavy Metal

Creative Bootcamp Day 4
I saw this random word prompt, and smiled. Being a metal fan, I was undeniably excited. Oh, the opportunities. It'd be hard, for sure, but incredibly satisfying. I wanted to go with the associative idea, but couldn't get in touch with my brother to take some shots of his drumming in action, so I went out to find some...Heavy Metal. So this, literally is heavy metal. I found a train yard with an unhelpful chain-link fence and was a bit dismayed. So I used the fence to give the photo a whole new meaning. If you think about it, the train system meant a lot of opportunities and freedom to people at one point. Then to see it fenced off, it seems trapping, constricting, in a sense. So I'm a few days behind the creative bootamp, but I'll get caught up today if it kills me! So, look out Blogosphere, here I come!

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