Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digital Negatives

A lot of people, when hearing the word "negative" and "photography" in relation to each other, would firstly think of a digital photo, photoshopped into negative.
15 years ago, most people would think of film negatives. Another by-product of this new digital world. I often express how much I miss film, but please don't take it as anything negative about digital. I love digital photography, but I just wonder "Why can't digital and film co-exist?"
Archipelago Photography: insulae de cogitum lumenque, maritus cum nomen


  1. you should look at the lomography website, i really really like their little film cameras. i actually saw some of them in a store in the city the other day, their cute, and real film.

  2. Oh, yeah! I saw one of them at the Tim Burton exhibit. They look so cool!