Monday, March 21, 2011


So this March Break I tried something that I've been meaning to try for a while: Stop-Motion Video. I took a few old Playmobil toys and wrote myself a little story. Then I set up the toys and my camera. I made a photo, moved the toys as little as I could, then moved it again, and repeated. I made 395 photos along the length of this story. Lay them out in a video with each taking about 0.8 seconds and you have some stop-motion.
Aside from the story, I do wish that I had taken better care to make the motion in the photos match up with real time; so that the scenes would all take the amount of time that they would in reality. Instead of some scenes being too quick because a lack of pictures.
Technically speaking, it was a lot more simple than I had originally thought. A few considerations: 1)It is beneficial to use a small-memory setting because the quality of the photos is not paramount as they are going to be in a video and it saves space like crazy. 2)Make sure not to adjust the camera except in slow, broad strokes, where it only moves a little bit per frame 3)And finally, don't even bother without a tripod. It's 100% essential.
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